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Faber Productions is a San Francisco Bay Area video production company helping businesses and organizations engage audiences and move them to action.


We create persuasive corporate videos. Engage consumers and B2B clients, build brand awareness, launch new products and promote your services.

Video Production and post production Pricing

It's not the individual costs of each of our crew members or services that makes for the creation of a fantastic video, but rather the sum total of our creativity and ability to meet your needs and goals.  Nevertheless, because our clients like to know what they're getting themselves into on a cost breakdown basis, here is a list of our individual crew and service prices.























20% surcharge







.47 cents/min


As Incurred


Creative Director                             


Production Manager

Administrative Assistant

Director/1st Camera

Videographer (Camera Operator)

Field Audio Engineer

Grip/Camera Assistant

Gaffer (Electrical & Lighting)

Production Assistant

Drone Operator

Motion Graphics Artist

Animator (2D)

Animator (3D)


Voice Over Talent

Actor (Union, Category 1)

Actor (Union, Category 2)

Actor (Non-Union)

Video Editor

Assistant Video Editor

Overnight Crew Filming Surcharge

Director/1st Remote Rate

Director/1st Travel Day Rate

Videographer Remote Rate

Videographer Travel Day Rate

Studio Rental

Music Licensing

Transcription services

Standard Rental Package

Additional Equipment Rentals

Hard Drives/Storage Fee


Our Standard Rental Package includes: two 4K cinema cameras, variable zoom lenses, wide angle lenses, and telephoto zoom lens; 3-LED lighting kit; tripods, stands and sliders; field audio equipment; and drone when employing drone operator.